At Canna Hemp Consulting, our mission is to advocate for our clients.  We provide education, direction, and one-on-one consulting to ensure a comfortable transition toward a health and wellness.



Our consultants are educated with up-to-date research on the health benefits of cannabis and the proper way to use it. We bring this knowledge to those seeking guidance about how to implement cannabis into their daily routine. We help our clients find the best product and dosage personalized to fit their needs. 



Those interested in cannabis must obtain an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card.  Canna Hemp Consulting will direct our clients to state approved clinics. Once a medical card is obtained, the client will be directed to a dispensary of your choice.  Our consultants will then assist in purchasing products tailored to the clients’ specific needs.


Personal Planning

After gathering the necessary client information, our consultants will provide assistance with implementing a personal treatment plan. We will provide tracking forms to help our clients stay organized with their doctor prescribed medication.  These forms are designed to help our clients better communicate to their  personal healthcare providers about their cannabis consumption.



Our main goal after working with our clients is to ensure they are comfortable with their choice of cannabis products and consuming them responsibly. The end result will be a successful transition into this beneficial natural medicine.

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About Canna Hemp

Diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008, Kevin White advocates for patients seeking alternative pain management alternatives. Canna-Hemp Consulting helps patients navigate their options and adjust to an alternative.