Our mission is to equip clients with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate this new supplemental health care approach from initial contemplation through treatment success. Services provided include education, direction, navigation, personal planning, and purchasing.

Canna Hemp Consulting is here to advocate for the client, providing personal, one-on-one consulting to ensure a comfortable transition towards health and wellness.

My name is Kevin White. I am a Certified Emergency Paramedic with a B.S. in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Northern Arizona University. In 2008 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that developed inside my spinal cord. I was immediately referred to Barrow’s Neurological Institute where I underwent surgery to remove this tumor. My surgery was for the most part successful in that the surgeons were able to remove most of the tumor. After my surgery I was unable to walk and use my right arm and hand.  After a year of physical rehabilitation, I once again regained my Independence. However, the overall daily pain I was experiencing from the effects of the surgery were more than I could manage.  I was referred to a pain management center where I was prescribed heavy pain medications to manage this daily problem. After years of taking these medications, I realized I wanted and needed something more natural to help manage my pain. Cannabis has bridged this gap for me today..

I have been a medical cannabis card holder since 2012. Since then, I have researched and learned to use cannabis as a supplemental way to help manage my pain on a daily basis. Over the years I noticed the lack of educational and more personal services for those who want to know how to use cannabis responsibly.  With my personal experience and professional medical background, I have created Canna Hemp Consulting to provide up to date education on the medical benefits of cannabis.  Canna Hemp Consulting will assist with finding a direction on where to begin, building a personalized plan implementing cannabis into your life, and to ensure a successful transition.

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About Canna-Hemp

Diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008, Kevin White advocates for patients seeking alternative pain management alternatives. Canna-Hemp Consulting helps patients navigate their options and adjust to an alternative.