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Our educating information and material on medical cannabis come from the most up-to-date research from the science and healthcare industries. Our consultants bring this research together to educate those seeking assistance in understanding the benefits of Cannabis. Clients will then be able to decide for themselves what type cannabis product is right for them and most responsible way to consume cannabis along with their doctor prescribed medications.

  • CBD vs THC
  • Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Strains
  • Pharmaceuticals and Cannabis interactions
  • Products/Devices on Market for consumption
  • Ways to consume cannabis responsibly
  • Up to Date Cannabis vs Cancer research
  • Online resources

With a thorough private consultation, we want to ensure each of our clients’ individual needs are addressed. After gathering the necessary client information, our consultants will provide assistance with Personal Planning for an easy to read personalized cannabis portfolio. The purpose for this is to help our clients keep track of their cannabis consumption along with any doctor prescribed medications.

  • Cannabis tract sheet
  • Pharmaceutical tract sheet
  • Personalized Cannabis Portfolio
  • Budgeting ideas

Those who are interested in medical cannabis are going to need to obtain an Arizona Medical Marijuana Card from a state approved clinic and physician. Our consultants will direct you to the nearest state approved card clinic and physician in your geographical area. During the approval waiting period, our consultants will be available to direct the client to a dispensary of their choice. Our consultants will also be available to help support the client on site at the dispensary with how to purchase their cannabis product.

  • Licensed Medical Marijuana Card clinics
  • Licensed Dispensaries
  • Product purchasing assistance
  • Product usage assistance

Our main goal after working with our clients is to ensure they are comfortable with their choice of cannabis products and consuming them responsibly. The end result will be a successful transition into this beneficial natural medicine.

  • Sustainability on cannabis
  • Comfortable purchasing
  • Comfortable consuming

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For the past 20 years I’ve had heart problems requiring multiple surgeries. I was in the hospital at least once a year for fifteen years. After seeing me suffering, my daughter and son-in-law began talking to me about the benefits of medicinal marijuana. It took about two weeks before I noticed a difference.

My life has become fuller as I experience less pain.
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Diana Garr

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Diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008, Kevin White advocates for patients seeking alternative pain management alternatives. Canna-Hemp Consulting helps patients navigate their options and adjust to an alternative.